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Dr. Caroline Leaf Resources


These are the materials referred to in the sermon for November 2, 2014.*

(Dr. Caroline Leaf is a Christian scientist who has explored the relationship between the Bible and science in regard to how our minds and brains work.)

A. The 13-part Switch On Your Brain video series was aired on the TBN channel earlier this year and can be watched online at no cost. The half hour sessions are very informative as well as interesting and entertaining. They can be accessed here. (When you get to this page, scroll down to the "TV Series Episode Links.")

B. The book, Switch On Your Brain, presents Dr. Leaf's work systematically. There are two sections, the first being the theoretical foundation, and the second being the application. There are some points in the first section where she gets bogged down in the technical side of things (I'm not sure why; perhaps she is simply trying to establish that she is a serious scientist). The less technically inclined reader can just skim those parts. 

The real value of the book is the 21-Day Brain Detox Plan in the second section. It is a step-by-step, scientifically proven process for changing specific toxic thoughts. To check out the book, click here

C. Some who read the book may find it difficult to know just how to begin to put the 21-Day Brain Detox Plan into effect. If that is the case with you, Dr. Leaf has put together a subscription website which guides you one day at a time through the 21 day process. The process can be repeated for several different thought structures you want to work on. The cost is $29 for a one year subscription (You could actually go through the whole process 17 times in a year). You can sign up  here.


*NOTE: I have no financial stake in recommending these resources.

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